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Date Added: 06/01/06 05:41 PM
Description: The front door of Larry's Bar swung open, and as the two women stepped inside, men turned their heads and shifted in their seats for a better view. Both of the ladies were attractive and very curvy, but the one in the tight black dress drew the rapt attention of every guy looking her way. She was a beautiful girl with long shapely legs, a killer ass, and large breasts that jiggled in unbrassiered glory within the dress's plunging neckline.

"Mim, are there many people here? Is anyone looking at us?" Sarah asked, peering out at the blurry scene.

Scanning the establishment for a place to sit, Mim replied, "Only every man in the place."

"Oh," she moaned.

"That's a good thing, hon."

"But my boobs are bouncing all around when I walk!"

"Why do you think I made you wear heels?"

"And my nipples are popping something awful. I should be wearing a bra."

"No way! To do battle, one must unsheath one's weapons."
Creator/Author: Steve Palmer
Version: HTML
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